We are all clay

This stunning little pop-up sculpture appeared today (22 Nov 2015) on a stone seat next to the Thames. Its tiny, but very moving – read the words! Who is the artist? Hints welcome.

Here are the words

These figures are made from unfired clay, dug from the earth, a substance so much a part of our shared history that it is regarded as the source of our being in creation stories from around the world.

The colour of clay differs widely and its appearance may be changed by the forces that are imposed upon it, but it remains the same substance. Similarly human beings remain the same creatures that we have evolved to be in our short time on this Earth. Universally we retain the instincts to protect ourselves and our families, to seek a place of safety, to survive and prosper, leading us to move back and forth across the globe as climate, food supplies and security demands.

In treating these instincts as a virtue in those of its own community while presenting them as sinister in others, the ruling part of the day divide society into those worth and unworthy, deserving and undeserving, hardworking and scroungers, us and “The Other”. This dehumanization reduces individuals to a mass, making all Muslims fanatics, all white females whores, all gypsies, thieves, the blame culture inducing fear for our safety, our possessions, and our values.

The effects of this dehumanization are plainly evident in the persecutions, purges, genocides and expulsions that our past and present is littered with,

The place and situation of our birth is a matter of luck, not virtue. We, born at this time and place, should be aware of the lessons of history and be wary of scapegoating those who have been born into a different situation.

We all have the same needs, desires and fears. We all have the same evolution and origins, and, ultimately, we all have the same destination.

We are all of clay.


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