Fast track to heaven with high speed rockabilly

Rockabilly: the singer’s first note drops the handkerchief, the tar starts scorching as guitar, bass and drum hit full freight-train speed in two beats and the ride rocks at increasing, breackneck speed the way up the track. Flourishes on lead guitar, whoops, hollers, wild vocals and hard driving from the percussion, no wonder the audience can’t stay still. Obscuritones (  brings back hunger, energy and surprise to rockabilly, and from the opening notes of “Tear It Up” gave us a great night at the Glad tonight.

Very lively and enjoyable lead singer Joey (Joanna Hill), dives straight into a whirlpool of flair and excitement, belting out tracks, changing accents, adding a few dance steps and shaking it down. Hugh Byrne leads and sometimes sings some excellent numbers with some fine rockabilly and rock’n’roll guitar, while drummer Phil Casey looks as if the music has taken over every pore and even the hat lets off steam as he builds a breakneck beat. Andy Bavington keeps the chassis rocking on double bass and giant sideburns while Samantha Kidman adds “surf” guitar.

Many of their songs are old favourites, set to get the house hopping (or remembering 1 or 2 rockabilly dance moves if they are of a certain vintage). “Johnny B Goode” was fast and hot, and had the audience shouting for more. There is also lots of promising new material, including a great “Stop Playin’ with my Heart” and “Hoochie Cooch”.

You can catch them this year at the Blues Kitchen in Camden as well as some great events and festivals across UK and Europe, let alone France’s very own weird festival of Americana, rodeo, Nascar and rocknroll. There is also a CD which is gaining some good reviews here and here and you can get lots of excellent tracks here on Soundcloud, including a classic “Brockwell Beach”



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