Rumours of my death.. dealing with British Gas

After reading about gas and electricity price confusion this month, I wondered if I had the best tariff with British Gas. Their website on tariffs was difficult for me as a layperson (I have maths and business qualifications). I phoned and had a friendly chat with Andrew and took his advice to switch to monthly variable direct debit, from the previous system where British Gas fixed the debit amount in advance at more than the amount used each month and then stored my cash for a year or more. So far I have received six letters, each posted separately, dated 7 and 8 December, from two managers, with no mention of recycled paper although the envelopes are “sustainable”.
One letter says the amount to be paid would be worked out quarterly in advance, the opposite of what I was informed on the phone.
Another, addressed to me, informed me of my death. EXTRACT FROM LETTER, sent because I had switched from one direct debit to another, not even terminated the account.
“Dear Mr WideEyes,
We understand this is a difficult time and we don’t want to cause any further distress. However, we need to let you know that we have been unable to collect payments for the late Mr WideEyes’ gas account as the Direct Debit payment has been cancelled. Please pay the outstanding balance of £1.65..”
It is good to know that insanity reigns among senior management entrusted with our national gas and electricity supplies, but frustrating for us to have to put up with them.


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