Gift wrapping the traffic

Cycling east one windy Sunday morning on Tooley St, SE1 (London) a red and white barrier tape leapt out in the wind and wrapped around my bike, especially front axle. The full roll jumped from the pavement into the road and the tape end wrapped around a passing white van, with the driver struggling to clear it from windscreen as it wrapped around wing mirrors.
Metres of tape unrolled from fast-spinning roll. It would have made a great video to watch it wrap all the traffic going up and down the street (it was still 2 ways then) as the roll unravelled fast like a festive red-and-white Santa spider spinning a Christmas web.
Unfortunately pedestrians were also in the road, including woman with small children, as the contractors (for James Glancy Designs) had closed the pavement off by wrapping the same tape around lamp-posts, leaving a gap too narrow for pedestrians, with no signs or protection for pedestrians. Gave the roll to worker who refused to give his name or firm or apologize for wrapping around bike. Tried to contact managing agent for Hays Galleria (CBRE) and owner (Kuwaiti St Martin’s Property Corporation), both seem indifferent to concerns of mere residents.


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