Binko Swink: Another good gig at The Gladstone

Concerts seems to be what gets me writing, and last night was no exception. Binko Swink are a young band, i.e a talented young man and woman with a great drummer in support. Both the singers have great voices and do soulful and spot on harmonies, and both do beautiful songs on their own, atmospheric own voices adds interest to their songs. Guitars sound great, lots of rhythm and sounds, plucked, scratched, soul, heartbeat, dance. The songs are like paintings, swirling with rhythm, emotion, colour, moving smoothly from harmony and slow to disharmony, upbeat. Even the drum beats move with the emotion, showing restraint and texture, like heartbeats.
You can catch one track “Woman You are Virtue” here but there was a variety and the evening never got slow, even though it was wierd to sit in a pub and not chat, but on the other hand great to enjoy listening to the sounds.
Their new single “Patient” is out next week, pop production, the live and intimate show of the Gladstone – a great venue by the way – is very authentic way to check bands.


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