Troubadour Rose at the Glad

Our favourite live music venue, the Gladstone pub in Lant Street, outdid itself with an excellent Christmas party, enjoyed a lot by me and friends.

Troubadour Rose ( was a stunning discovery, with lots of music available to listen to on myspace and facebook. Singer Bryony Afferson giving lots of soul and passion to a sound that was at its best when it was really rollicking, with the big double bass rocking to the slap stroke and seeming to try to rockabilly big Eddie Edwards off the stage. Liz O’Conor blended in lots of instruments including banjo and mandolin and vocals, Gary Bridgewood steered from the violin helm and Magnus Alanko kept the winter frosts firmly outside the door with his drumming. A great band and would be a great CD if I could track down where to buy it.


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