Guitar band, good place, good company

Some good swirling and soaring guitars and crashing chords from Tony and Seb duo of band the VBs at the Crown pub in Blackfriars Road ( last night 5 Nov. Mostly covers, with their own style, mostly rock classics, with an edgy feel that could be good. The pub has been beautifully refurbished, with large and clean spaces inside featuring a lot of original woodwork and some outdoor seating which I did not check – preferred the guitar fireworks inside and the rain had dampened most of the Guy Fawkes celebrations. The staff are friendly and professional and the few people who braved the rain to stay late were great company. Enjoyed a chat with Big Phil and Donata who took it over in Nov 2009 and turning it into a clean, welcoming space. Phil promises more live music in 2011 and more interesting beers coming soon. Bar staff were friendly, passionate and professional. No rush to leave (I prefer wet on inside to wet on outside) and look forward to return.


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