So Que at the Hartley, SE1

Some excellent Latin jazz from trio So Que live last night (15 Oct) at the Hartley pub (Tower Bridge Road, SE1). The band consists of Andres Garcia, a guitarist who can wrench pain, sorrow, anger and pure fast frenzy from his strings, Brazilian Giuliano Pereira on sax has giant virtuosity and deep soul and the fine Demi Garcia keeps it hot (or cool) on drums, cowbell, large boxes, etc. The music carries you away into a world far from autumnal south London, with dry leaves blowing in the door. Maybe we blew away to moonlit dances in cobbled squares, or high mountains rising to the clean, crisp air, or memories of sad lovers eyes.. Check out the band on MySpace.

There was a very select (i.e. very few) audience in the pub. For some mystery reason the management seems to think that the world will know about their live evenings with almost no advertising (OK, I have seen an A4 printout in the window of the pub). For such fine music, a happy crowd would make the evening much better. If you want to see more about the pub, check website se1 or qype.


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